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QC Tests

Elastomeric seismic isolators are manufactured according to the ISO22762 standard.
In the quality control process, the physical and mechanical characteristics of the used elastomer material, which are made with the exclusive formulation of the company in two types of low damping (LD) or high damping (HD), according to the type of production separator.
Measured and adjusted to the desired values of the standard.
In addition, the physical and mechanical properties of the materials used in the internal reinforcement layers of the separator, as well as the adhesion strength required between the elastomer layers and the internal reinforcement, are also periodically measured and controlled at different times by standard tests.
The quality of each separator produced is controlled using the company’s unique load testing device.
The condition of delivering the separator to the employer is the successful results of the quality control tests.
Separators are delivered to the employer along with their technical certificate, which includes the results of all tests.